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  • Introduction

    Hello I am Andrew Stafford. I am an Artist and Instructor with a traditional arts background. Representation of the human figure through various media has always interested me. The first time I saw the master works, I wondered how they did it, how they captured movement and gesture so well with paint or pencil or chisel. I didn't have the vocabulary yet to describe what captivated me, but I knew I wanted to do what they did, as well as they did it. So I started teaching myself how to draw. Read More
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  • Charcoal

    I enjoy working in the charcoal medium because i find it agreat medium to bridge the gap between drawing and painting.You are forced to think in mass and tone and not so much in line.The difficulty in charcoal drawing are the delicate nuances of values that have to be built up correctly to achieve a credible solidity in charcoal drawing.You also cannot put too much value everywhere in the drawing or you will lose a focal point in your work.Putting too much detail in  the shadow areas will flatten out your drawing and cause it to become too cluttered.Charcoal drawing is a wonderful art form that i will struggle to master for as long as i draw.
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  • Pencil

      I really enjoy working with pencil because all ideas begin with a pencil drawing.Pencil drawings can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be.They can be treated as individual works of art or they can be studies,or can be scanned in and painted over.Pencils can be easily transported and are great to carry with a sketchbook.You can build up beautiful form and value with a pencil.It is a useful medium to master if one wants to practice delineation of line to create a 3d effect.In most Ateliers beginners must master both charcoal and pencil.  
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  • Pastel

      Pastels are another great medium to work with because they allow so much freedom when you begin to gesture the figure.I usually do quick pastel studies on newsprint and then transfer them to better paper to build up a broader range of values.I work with mostly umbers and sepia tones.I prefer the brown pastels on a cream coloured paper.I usually sharpen one end of the pastel and leave the other end a little blunt.I can then use a nice thick/thin line all over the form to create a nice sense of light hitting the form.I am going to start doing more concept art in pastel and use the sketch as a prepatory set-up for my colour work.I recommend spraying fixative after each layer to prevent a mess.
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  • Oil

      The hardest medium to master, in my opinion, is oil painting.It will take me a lifetime to learn this tricky skill.These are copies of master paintings.I am currently taking more pictures of my paintings and will post them soon.
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  • Pen and Ink

      I like Pen and Ink because it is a beautiful medium that has been used by artists for many centuries. I feel it is my duty to not allow this art-form to  die out. I really enjoy the process of crow-quill pens and an ink-well.I practice my cross-hatching techniques specifically using the pen and ink medium.I am currently working on a large drawing and specifically inking the drawing using only crowquill pens and india ink.I think the thrill of the medium is knowing that one misstep can cause one to have to begin again.
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  • Bargue

    Bargue drawings are a very challenging exercise.I still go back to the Bargue copies to train my eye.In the Atelier system,most students begin their training by copying Bargue studies.Copying a Bargue is not cheating it is a way of understanding form in 2d before you go onto 3d.Most artists from the past studied or copied engravings or works from their teachers.Bargue drew mostly casts and did human studies and alot of French academies used Bargue as an introduction to the Greek sculptures that they admired so much. I would definitely obtain or find anything on Bargue and copy the work.I use them in my Fundamentals of Drawing class as an intro to basic shapes and shading and my students find it both frustrating and yet rewarding to copy them. 
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  • Watercolor

      I really love the watercolour medium.Most of my game art and concept art is done using watercolour.I am finishing up some concept art done using watercolour and will post them soon.
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  • Ballpoint Pen

      I love working in ballpoint pen.I love the immediacy of the medium and the beautiful textures and nuances of value that can be achieved through the layering of tone.I draw mostly in ballpoint pen and i do not even draw in pencil first and then go over it in pen.I prefer to take my chances and just work with what i get.I carry a sketchbook with me everywhere and draw mostly from life but i do work from reference but i do not copy, i will integrate forms and poses into one drawing.I will make studies of works of art but generally i work from nature.  
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